Coming from BOOM! Studios and Archaia in 2017.

On New York City's Upper West Side, a young girl named Sybil discovers that her next-door neighbor is a little unusual--even by local standards. Bolivar is the world’s last living dinosaur, but somehow, everyone in the city is just too busy to notice him.

That is, until, an unlikely incident involving a distracted traffic cop, a polaroid camera, and unsorted recycling pull Sybil and Bolivar into an adventure that spans from City Hall to New York’s Natural History Museum. Finally, Bolivar must make a choice: he can continue to live unnoticed, or he can let the city see who he really is.

Part picture book and part graphic novel, BOLIVAR is told in a combination of text, speech balloons, comic panels, panoramic illustrations, and the occasional subway mosaic. It will be available from BOOM/Archaia in 2017.

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